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Since 2010 we’ve been bringing winning predictions based on thorough meaningful data analytics to the sports betting community. We pride ourselves on our history of providing winning selections, and the broad variety of sports that we cover. We suit the needs of the sports enthusiast with email predictions!

 We’re the go-to prime destination for anyone who wants to take his or her sports betting to the next level with a handicap service means business. Over the years, Decision Sports has been a leader in the sports information industry. Decision Sports is a pioneer in academic and analytical approaches in its efforts to drive the sports betting world away from the stigma of gambling into the more businesslike activity of investing in a sports marketplace. This idea towards a more legitimate activity has gained traction. Here, we discuss sports investing and why we hope you join us on this concept. Sports investing is an academic approach to the sports betting marketplace. Decision Sports uses data and studies sports marketplace indicators in an attempt to determine value in point spreads. Decision Sports collects data such as point spreads, line movements, and betting percentages. Decision Sports the Sports Handicapping Newsletter uses this data to study value in the sports betting marketplace. In particular, Decision Sports studies: Contrarian value based on betting percentages and the level of betting activity, Steam moves based on line movement, and Smart money indicators based also on betting percentages and line movements. These methods have proven to achieve positive and measurable results in the sports marketplace over the years. These results are based on historical database which covers almost a decade's worth of data across all the major U.S. sports. The methods pioneered by Decision Sports add value to just about every handicapping method. They can also be used as a stand alone approach to invest in the sports marketplace. Decision Sports does not hype results. There will be periods of strong performance and weak performance, but there is a real and measurable edge. The techniques that Decision Sports researches , applies, and releases for its members have been positive, on average, over the years. It's quite common for bettors, particularly recreational ones, to think about following sports picks or tips at one time or another. The idea of making money just through following the experts can be very tempting. The problem, though, is that it's not quite that simple. For one thing, the number of services providing betting picks is huge. The internet, and the social media especially, has made it easy for anyone to give out their betting "expertise" to the public, nad it is difficult to know who's providing valuable information and who isn't. A lot of stuff you'll find at places like Twitter and Facebook is relatively useless. It's largely from betting enthusiasts who just enjoy sharing their views, or want to build up an audience for their own satisfaction. These people typically don't charge for their picks, and some of them do occasionally provide some useful insight and information, so there is no real harm in checking them out from time to time. You shouldn't expect to make huge profits from following them though. There are plenty of paid services available too. A lot of these are also fairly useless, and not worth paying for, but some of them are run by people who genuinely know what they are taking about. The question is whether or not these services actually reflect value for money. This is the value of joining Decision Sports.  

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We do not guarantee that the trends and biases we've found will continue to exist. It is impossible to predict the future. Any serious academic research in the field of market efficiencies recognizes that inefficiencies may disappear over time. We do not guarantee our data is error-free. However, we've tried our best to make sure every score and percentage i correct.


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